When a number of teeth are missing a removable partial denture is a less expensive replacement option which enhances your facial appearance, and enables eating. We often hear from patients that they once again enjoy eating. We offer a variety of removable partial dentures including all plastic, metal/plastic combination, and of course the flexible plastic partial denture. The most stable and best functioning partial denture is the metal/plastic combination. This provides a more secure and stable fit because it works in conjunction with your remaining teeth.

When all of your teeth are missing a full or complete denture is a viable option to restore normal facial appearance and improve eating. While full dentures are a good option, you have to remember that they are not anchored in your mouth like your natural teeth were. They are sitting on top of your gums. They can be a challenge to get used to, but with our expertise and your full cooperation, most patients learn how to wear and use their denture to their fullest ability. As an option, a full denture can be placed over implants for enhanced stability, especially in the lower arch, which usually is the most difficult denture to learn how to use properly.

There are, of course, disadvantages to any oral appliance that goes in and out of your mouth. Both removable partial and full dentures are less stable than appliances which are bonded and cemented over natural teeth or implants. They can be broken or lost. Fortunately they can be easy to repair in most cases of breakage, but a lost appliance must be found or replaced. Lost appliances are more of a problem than people usually expect. Some patients feel embarrassed by having removable appliances, and are hesitant to remove them. This can present problems, because they must be removed on a daily basis for cleaning and to give the gums a chance to rest while sleeping. A few patients find that they are unable to wear removable appliances no matter how hard they try, because they feel uncomfortable or cause gagging problems. While these patients are a definite minority, their situations prove to be a challenge for both the patient and dentist.

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