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We want to put you in the smile you deserve.

Serenity Care Dental improves your quality of life with your best dental health and a beautiful smile.


Preventive Care is the best dental treatment.  Brushing, flossing , and staying current with your six month cleanings are the way to keep a healthy smile.

Serenity Dental Care is the best family dentist to guide you through preventative care.


Sometimes our teeth need a little TLC.  When soreness or discomfort begin to show up it is best to be seen before a small problem grows into a big one.

For general dental needs we are only a phone call away.


A bright and sparkling smile makes the world a happier place.  If you want an extra gleam to your smile ask us about our whitening services.

Serenity Dental Care wants to put you in the smile you deserve.

Dr. Eric J. Sterett, DMD

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From our clients…

” the Serenity crew are by far the best dental caregivers I’ve ever had. Their facility is always clean and equipped with the latest technology. The team is Compassionate, thorough and they educate and include you in every step of the process. A+++” -Sean

“They don’t miss anything, they always check my mouth, throat, gums, and tongue; not just teeth. Dr. Keegan & Sterett are very knowledgeable, eager to answer questions….not rushing to get me out of there.” -Joe H.

“Professional and friendly atmosphere with a truly caring staff. From the first time we ever came here we knew we would never be going to a different Dentist again.”– Chris S.